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Long, long ago in a land not-so-far away, I was a kid. Need proof? Here’s my 2nd grade school portrait. I had my hair in rollers all night so it would look perfect!

This is my big sister, Kim, in 4th grade, wearing her cool cat eye glasses. Notice anything about our outfits? They match! (And Mom made them!) 


Kim is a very good sister, but one time she told me spaghetti grew in the ground and tricked me into eating a worm. 

This is me on my birthday, but what I want you to notice is my little brother, Jim, trying to blow out the candles on my cake. He’s a bit bigger now and sometimes he even wears a shirt, but he hasn’t really changed—so don’t invite him to your birthday party!

Who wears white to go fishing? Me. Weird, huh? Know what’s even weirder? My white jumper is still clean. Kim and Jim had a lot more fun when we were kids so I try to make up for it now. 

My advice: Get dirty and have fun--but don’t eat worms!

This is my family. Sometimes they help me with my writing by listening to my stories. Even when they say, “That doesn’t make any sense,” it helps.

My mom and dad are my biggest fans. But once when I read a story to my mom, she fell asleep. Do you think that means the story was good? Or not so good?

My messy desk. When I was a kid, I kept all my stuff super organized. Now that I’m a grownup, my stuff is not even a little bit organized. I sure hope my mom doesn't see this…

My incredible two-headed cat, Zyla!


(OK, it's actually two cats, Zeus and Lyla, who are brother and sister.)

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