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School visits & storytime fun

Library, bookstore & festival events

Conference speaker

Language Arts teacher turned writer, I'm lucky to have helped kids learn through story from Portland to Paris and Mesa to Montreal!

School Visits 
In-person or virtual for preschool to second grade
Educational and entertaining for kids! Easy and affordable for you!

Dream Submarine School Visits Surfacing Fall 2024!!!

Students will:

  • Experience the story: read aloud/read along

  • Make predictions: What might happen next?

  • Practice recall with a silly guessing game

  • Move to music: theme songs and other silly tunes

  • Books can ordered from the publisher at a significant discount

I also visit schools for fundraisers, carnivals, literacy events and book fairs!


  Curriculum Connections:

  • Writing Process

  • Who, What, Where, When? Character, action, setting, sequence of events

  • Vigorous Verbs

  • Creating Characters

  • Alliteration and Consonance

  • Rhyme and Repetition to build reading skills (Halloween Hustle)

  • Dynamic Dialogue (Prince and Pirate)

  • Simile and Hyperbole (Prince and Pirate)

  • Conflict and Change (Prince and Pirate)

Library, Bookstore & Festival Events
Tailored to your patrons, preferences and venue


Prince and Pirate Party!

  • Experience the story

  • Move and groove to Prince and Pirate's theme song and other silly tunes

  • Learn fun, kid-friendly pirate lingo

  • Play cooperative games

  • Craft a crown or pirate hat

  • Make a foldable fish

  • Go fishing!

  • Costumes: Party-goers can be invited to dress like princes, princesses, or pirates  


 Halloween Hustle Party!

  • Read along with the story—say or sing the refrain and guess end rhymes

  • Recall and retell with a giggle-worthy guessing game

  • Do the Halloween Hustle and groove to favorite Halloween tunes

  • Craft a Creature in a Cup or a Batty Hat

  • Costumes: Party-goers can be invited to wear Halloween costumes

  • Venue receives a fun, full color, 18” x 24” poster

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  • Keynote Speaker at the Young Author's Celebration sponsored by Northwest Iowa's Reaching Council

  • Presenter at SCBWI-Iowa's Grow Your Picture Book Garden Conference: "Seeds, Soil, Scenes & the Power of the Page Turn"

  • Presenter at Sheboygan Children's Book Festival: "From Page to Publication" 


Conference Speaker
Entertain, educate and inspire

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