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Language Arts teacher turned writer, I'm lucky to have helped kids learn through story from Portland to Paris and Mesa to Montreal!

Virtual Visits
Tailored to fit your school or library

Entertaining read aloud and guessing game
Curriculum connection, dance party and craft options
Affordable prices (really!)

School Visits
Tailored to your students (preschool-2nd grade) and your current curriculum needs.
Educational and entertaining for kids! Easy for you!


Select from the following (or make a special request):

  • Who, What, Where, When? Character, action, setting, sequence of events

  • Vigorous Verbs

  • Creating Characters

  • Alliteration and Consonance

  • Rhyme and Repetition to build reading skills (Halloween Hustle)

  • Dynamic Dialogue (Prince and Pirate)

  • Simile and Hyperbole (Prince and Pirate)

  • Conflict and Change (Prince and Pirate)

School visits also include:

  • Engaging read-aloud/read along

  • Making predictions: What will happen next?

  • Moving to music: theme songs and other silly tunes (exercise in disguise!)

  • Books ordered directly from the publisher at a significant discount

  • Any of the library, bookstore, and festival activities listed below

I also visit schools for fundraisers, carnivals, literacy events, and book fairs with the activities listed below.


Library, Bookstore & Festival Events
Tailored to your patrons, preferences and venue


Prince and Pirate Party!

  • Experience the story—complete with princely and pirate-y voices

  • Moving and groove to Prince and Pirate's theme song and other silly tunes

  • Play cooperative, fish-themed games

  • Craft a crown or pirate hat, make a foldable fish

  • Learn fun, kid-friendly pirate lingo

  • Costumes: Party-goers can be invited to dress like princes, princesses, or pirates  

  • Book Sales and Signing: Optional


Halloween Hustle Party!

  • Read along with the story—say or sing the refrain and guess end rhymes

  • Recall and retell with a giggle-worthy guessing game

  • Do the Halloween Hustle and be-bop to favorite Halloween tunes

  • Energize and memorize with short action rhymes for younger kids

  • Craft a Creature in a Cup or a Batty Hat

  • Costumes: Party-goers can be invited to wear Halloween costumes

  • Book Sales and Signing: Optional 

  • Freebie: Venue receives a fun, full color, 18” x 24” poster

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Conference Speaker
Tailored to your needs; designed to entertain, educate and inspire

Previous appearances:

  • Keynote Speaker at the Young Author's Celebration sponsored by Northwest Iowa's Reaching Council

  • Presenter at SCBWI-Iowa's Grow Your Picture Book Garden Conference, "Seeds, Soil, Scenes & the Power of the Page Turn"

  • Presenter at Sheboygan Children's Book Festival: "From Page to Publication"