“This toe-tapping, bone-cracking, jive-happening book is a great way to celebrate Halloween.”

- School Library Journal

​“Buoyant artwork accompanies the rollicking verses of this crowd-pleaser.”
- “Bewitching Tales: Great
Books for Halloween"

"This fun-to-read dance of words is sure to be popular at storytime and at home.”

- School Library Journal

Halloween Hustle artwork © Kevan Atteberry

Story Behind The Story

I’ve saved many crafts my kids have made. I lifted this one from a bin of Halloween decorations, and started writing a poem about a dancing skeleton.

I didn't stop until I had a whole story.

“Loved it! Laughed myself to pieces.”


“A story you can really sink your fangs into!”


“I’d give an arm and a leg for this book!”


“Read this