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    "Gunnufson delights in language,

both Prince’s high-falutin’ royal speak and Pirate’s down-and-dirty buccaneer-

inflected growl. Lowery endows his flippered foes with enough humor and heart to sink an ocean liner."

"Big personalities and their respectively gruff and highbrow comments will make for peppy readalouds."

- Publishers Weekly

- Kirkus, starred review

Prince and Pirate artwork © by Mike Lowery

"Prince’s proper, snooty vernacular hilariously contrasts with Pirate’s raw, salty language. At first glance, this is pure silliness, but a tidy lesson about sharing will rise to the surface."


- Booklist

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Story Behind The Story

Feeding the fish one day, I looked at this castle and thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if a fish believed he was a prince? And wouldn’t it be even funnier if a bubbling treasure chest made another fish believe he was a pirate?” 

Take a good look at the picture.

Notice anything fishy?

“Simply splendiferous! Best with tea and crumpets.” 


“Ye landlubbers be lovin’ this here book.”


“Fantastic…but a bit fast paced for me…”


“So good! I could just eat them…er…I mean, this book.”


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